Its pure chaos in the Blogger Poker Tour Grand Final

20 starters, 1 trip to Melbourne, it was always going to get messy, but who predicted this much chaos!

To be fair this chaos stretches back further than the start of this grand final, it goes back to the last event in the regular season. After moderate results in the tour to that point, Purechaos wasn’t figuring strongly in the Grand Final equation, then one had changed it all.

Needing to pretty much win the final event to secure his spot in the grand final, Purechaos (Jerry) went one better, he busted out the host of the event, imjusthere4thebeer and took home not just his points for that event (3 place finish in the event) but also the same points as the winner, the hosts bonus!

With so many points from the final even Jerry went straight to the top of the leaderboard with a bullet!

The action started out pretty slow in the grand final, one table in particular really didn’t want to play any pots at all it seemed! Even the first of the eliminations couldn’t really fire up the tourney, it really wasn’t till the tourney closed in towards the final table that the action came thick and fast, maybe it was the improving in the prizes that helped motivate everyone.

Big stacks were mixing it with other big stacks, and there were big casualties, when we got to 3 way action it was two big stacks, and little ol Evil666. One of the big stacks, ZowieZ had been in front for a while but had his stack eaten into by a fast finishing Purechaos. As soon as Irongirl went out in fourth it was live Evil666 was a man possessed.

He cranked his game up several notches and pretty soon he was mixing it with purechaos for the lead, and had it not been for what looked like a bluff gone bad this tourney may have finished differently.

That wasn’t how this going to finish though, this was a day off chaos, purechaos. Jerry had played very strongly in the later stages of the tourney, laying down hands where he needed to and showing muscle whenever he could, and when he knocked out ZowieZ in 3rd place he certainly had the chips to muscle his way to the finish.

The final hand was a little ironic, Evil666 pushed all-in with pocket jacks and was called by purechaos with pocket sixes. A six rained down on the flop and Evil was eliminated by his favorite hand and chaos reigned supreme.

This is how everyone finished up:

1 purechaos
2 Evil666
3 ZowieZ
4 Irongirl
5 freeroll26
6 imjusthere4thebeer
7 brodoughno
8 ViezeMan
9 JayNYC
10 natsdad
11 EgonOlsen
12 astinaguy
13 kufolem
14 cerberi
20 iyatoni

Congrats to all the competitors who played this season, the quality of this grand final really reflected the strength of the Blogger Poker Tour.
15 skinski
16 Hacksaw2000
17 DawgRoyal
18 OhioMike
19 PearlSnapMan